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Terms & Conditions

Motherhub LTD reserves the right to edit, change and amend these terms & conditions when necessary. Any changes will be updated on the website.

When attending Motherhub for a treatment, course, workshop or to purchase a product, you agree to the following terms & conditions:

Bookings & Cancellation Policy

  • All treatments require a 50% deposit upon booking and the rest payable on the day by card, paypal or bank transfer. All courses and workshops are to be paid in full (unless a payment plan has been discussed). Payments are non-refundable and non-transferable, unless the treatment, course or workshop is cancelled by Motherhub LTD.

  • Any changes to the timings or cancellations of treatments, courses and workshops will be posted on our social media - @welcometomothehub

  • Motherhub LTD reserves the right to cancel or amend all treatments, courses and workshops for any reason deemed necessary, although we will try to only do this in the event of an exceptional circumstance where we would no longer be able to offer the treatment, course or workshop as advertised. In the event of any cancellations by Motherhub LTD, you will be notified as soon as possible, and an alternative offered (date/time/treatment/course/workshop) or provided with a full refund.


Health & Safety

  • Motherhub LTD has the right to exclude an attendee from participating in a treatment, course, workshop or purchasing products if there is a concern for their health.

  • Any attendees should ensure they are in a good physical health before attending and have no known medical conditions which would make them incapable of receiving treatment or engaging in a course or workshop. Any attendees who are concerned about their physical health should consult a medical professional before attending Motherhub LTD.

  • Any attendees should not come to Motherhub LTD for any treatments, courses, workshops or to purchase any products if they have any known infectious or contagious illnesses, or where there is an ailment that could cause detriment to the health or safety of other attendees and staff. Please notify Motherhub LTD if you need to cancel your treatment, course or workshop.

  • Attendees should complete all health questionnaire forms for all treatments, courses or workshops when required to do so.

  • Motherhub LTD may require additional health checks to be completed on entering the premises, such as a temperature check.

  • Appropriate clothing should be worn for treatments, courses and workshops.

  • Anyone attending Motherhub LTD should not walk around bare foot with a known verruca or similar foot complaint.

  • For any changes to your personal details, please provide written notice addressed to Motherhub LTD.

  • Abusive and/or threatening behaviour and/or language towards staff or other attendees is not permitted under any circumstances. We reserve the right to remove anyone from the premises if we deem their behaviour and/or language to be abusive and/or threatening and reserve the right to exclude them on any future treatments, courses or workshops, without refund to any payments they may have made.

  • Fire exits are clearly marked with emergency lighting. They are there in the interest of safety – please do not interfere with these doors or the lighting.

  • In the event of a fire, please make your way to the nearest fire exit.

  • No smoking, including vapes, is permitted at Motherhub LTD under any circumstances.


Personal Belongings

  • Motherhub LTD is not responsible for your personal belongings when attending the hub for any treatments, courses, workshops or to purchase products.

  • Any resources or handouts provided from Motherhub are for personal use only and are copyrighted to Motherhub LTD. You may not use or amend them or commercial use.

  • Vehicle’s, bicycles, and motorbikes, including their contents, parked or locked up outside the venue of Motherhub LTD are left at the owners risk and we will not accept liability for loss, theft or damage.

  • Owners of any vehicle that provides a parking permit is the responsibility of the owner to ensure the parking permit is clearly displayed. Motherhub LTD will not accept liability for any parking fines obtained due to the permit provided not being clearly displayed.

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