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Stacey - Doula, light language meditation
  • Inner Child/Family Dysfunction Coach

  • Angelic Reiki

  • Light Language Meditation

  • Women’s Open Circle Facilitator

  • doula


Hi, I'm Stacey, founder of Safe Spaces Healing. I'm all about healing, especially when it comes to Inner Child healing. Each time we heal it's like peeling away another layer of the onion skin. I'm here to hold your hand!

I'm a Mum of 2 - my 1st birth endured a lot of unnecessary intervention and fear from the system services of today. Not to say intervention isn’t needed in some cases, but over intervention has become the ‘norm’, Which in turn unknowingly gives our babies birth trauma.2nd time around I knew more, mostly knowing my rights! I had a home birth! The birth and arrival of my dreams. 

I want Mums to have informed options 1st time around so I became a certified Doula! I want to pass on my knowledge and experience in loving service to those who are ready to heal.

Stacey - Doula, light language meditation
Stacey - Doula, light language meditation

My journey stared over 10 years ago. I grew up in an Alcoholic home which left me with many voids. Luckily I didn’t become an alcoholic but I did become a workaholic, which in turn was a way of escaping. My passion is working and supporting Mamma’s through all trimesters to break the chain and give our future generations a better start. Unknowingly we store trauma in our cells which in turn passes down to our babies in the womb. Therefore meaning generational trauma/dysfunction becomes a cycle until we are willing to break the cycle. I've found that when I heal my own trauma/dysfunction it lessens the pass down to my own Children.

I specifically want to be involved at the hub to help Mama's/Women heal old trauma. The earlier we can start on our healing journey the less dysfunction/trauma is passed down to our future generations.

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