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Sophie - Reflexology
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HI, I’m Sophie. I have always been interested in holistic living, and reflexology as a modality has always intrigued me. I trained as a reflexologist in the gorgeous South Island of New Zealand and began my business there whilst pregnant with my first baby. I was even more fascinated the more I learned and have loved giving the treatment and seeing how well people respond and how much it can help their physical health, well-being and mental health.

Pregnancy is the perfect time to experience the benefits of reflexology - with all the work your body and you are doing to grow and prepare for the arrival of your new baby. Your body and mind are working overtime with a plethora of symptoms you can feel, from sciatica, back ache, constipation, cramp, nausea and fatigue to name just a few! As well as the the added things on your to do list and preparing mentally for your birth and the changes you are undergoing. As amazing as it is, it’s also a lot and can take its toll. 


It’s a brilliant treatment for mums to be and postpartum as it’s pain free non invasive and completely safe. We all know there are so many restrictions when pregnant so it’s amazing to have the relaxing ancient treatment of reflexology to help with stresses and symptoms pregnancy can bring along.

Sophie - Reflexology
Sophie - Reflexology

I am a mother of one - a lively little 18 month old, Ophelia, but soon to be two as I have a surprise due this year! I love being a mum and i’m pretty realistic on how challenging the journey can be and so am excited to help new mums on there journey and beyond.

Being pregnant is a wonderful and exciting time, although the experience can be tough mentally and physically as well as overwhelming. Having time to nurture yourself, mind and body and hopefully alleviate or reduce some of the more pesky symptoms is amazing.


I use reflexology on myself as a means to de-stress, and on my little one when she allows! I’m passionate about my work and look forward to meeting lots more mums who want to invest in themselves and look forward to helping you on this crazy amazing journey of motherhood. 

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