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Holly - Baby Massage


  • Baby Massage teacher

  • mama's meet event's organiser 

My name is Holly, I run Me and You Baby Massage and Mamas Meet Events. I gave birth to my first baby, Oliver, in August 2020 during the lockdown year! It was crazy times and as much reading and antenatal classes I did, nothing fully prepared me for the big life adjustment. About 3 months after having Oliver, I was told I had Postnatal Depression, so I know first-hand the emotional, physical and mental load of becoming a mother.

When Oliver was 14 weeks old, we finally had confirmed with health professionals that he had a Cow's Milk Protein Allergy. This was something we'd known from pretty much week one, but it wasn’t easy getting anyone to agree with us. Poor baby really suffered with feeding and had lots of tummy troubles. When researching how we could help him, I came across baby massage. My Husband and I did the course over mom (because of covid) and although we couldn’t take part in the session each week as he was so unsettled we practiced in our own time and found it really did help. Not only did it help Oliver but because he was a lot happier, so were my Husband and I. The benefits really are for the whole family! It was at that point, I had a lightbulb moment - surely we weren’t the only family to be going through this and so I decided to train in Baby Massage. In June 2021, Me and You Baby Massage was official. Starting my business not only meant I could continually help Oliver but it gave me a sense of purpose. It helped me to overcome the chaos of newborn life and the adjustment of having a little human to look after. 

Holly - Baby Massage
Holly - Baby Massage

I feel very passionate about providing a service to help families on their postnatal journey, which is why it's so important to me that when a Mama or family books one of my courses or workshops they are coming to a space that allows them to feel heard, safe and supported! Motherhub provides exactly this!

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