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courses & workshops.

We have different courses and workshops available to support you at different stages of your journey. Our hub has an incredible view of liverpool skyline, making it the perfect place to relax and unwind!

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Whether you’re looking for support, resources, or just some peace of mind, Motherhub is here to help. our courses and workshops help couples navigate the complex and often overwhelming world of fertility, and also understand their body and fertility. 

We strive to create a safe space for couples to learn, grow, and connect with each other whilst gaining the knowledge and resources needed to make informed decisions as they embark on their fertility journey. 

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Our goal is to support and educate pregnant mothers and their partners to make informed decisions about their pregnancy and postnatal period – a truly life-changing experience. We are committed to helping expecting mothers navigate the exciting journey of pregnancy with confidence and trust in their own abilities.


Our courses & workshops are held in a comfortable and encouraging environment for you to learn and grow. 

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we understand the journey of motherhood can be a roller-coaster of emotions. That's why we are passionate about providing courses and workshops to help empower and equip mothers with the tools they need to thrive through this exciting, yet challenging time. 


Our mission is to provide a safe and supportive space where mothers can come together to build a community to share and learn from each other, helping them feel more confident, connected and inspired as a mother. 

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