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Bronwyn pregnany nutrition, postnatal nutrition, fertility nutrition
  • Pregnancy and 4th trimester healthy habits and lifestyle mentor 

  • pre and postnatal nutritionist 

  • Conception and hormone specialist

  • Creator of the RISE Journal series - daily habits, Pregnancy, 4th trimester and children’s journals

  • Breastfeeding peer support worker

  • Healing diets nutrition coach 

  • Natural physician student


Hey, I’m Bronwyn, I am a lover of all things natural medicine and nurturing the relationship between our gut and our mind - especially in the important days of pregnancy and postpartum. My medical journey started in the Military back when I was 16, when I joined the British Army as a Combat Medical Technician. However, my holistic medicine journey started after I had my Daughter in July 2017, when I realised just how magical our bodies truly can be.  

Bronwyn pregnany nutrition, postnatal nutrition, fertility nutrition

I am a very proud Wife to Jamie and Mother of 2 beautiful children, Pixie aged 5 and Axel born Feb 2022. Throughout my journey into motherhood, I realised just how difficult having healthy daily habits can become (did someone say cake?) and I forbid taking away the small guilty pleasures that get us through on a day to day. So, I gained a passion in helping Mum’s introduce sustainable healthy habits into their day. 

Bronwyn pregnany nutrition, postnatal nutrition, fertility nutrition

I now coach Women to aid them on their journey into motherhood and beyond, allowing them to support their body through the correct nourishment and healthy daily habits. I offer group classes and 1:1 consultations with personalised blood tests to really dig into their cellular health. I created a series of journals to accompany my sessions and give busy Mums an easy way to keep on top of their lifestyles. Through mindfulness and holistic teachings, I truly believe we can work in unison with our magical bodies and create a beautiful home for us and our babies.  

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