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Amy - Reiki Practitioner
  • reiki practitioner

  • crystal jewellery maker (@coppermyst)


Hi, I'm Amy. My first baby is due in January '23.

I've been passionate about pregnancy and birth for a couple of years now, especially since my little sister Kate (legendary founder of Motherhub!) was pregnant with my darling niece, Maeve. I knew then that I would love to work closely with women through their pregnancies and births (perhaps as a doula, hopefully a future journey for me!), but since being pregnant myself I've completely deep dived into this journey of learning and surrender on a new level. 


I am passionate about women reclaiming birth from the over-medicalised system and scary stereotypes that we are so familiar with. Women have been separated from their divine magic - made to fear birth and distrust their wise & magical bodies. Any work that counters this, and helps to re-write this damaging narrative, is exciting to me. I love to see women empowering women - to tap into their intuition, trust their bodies, and step into their innate power, however this looks for each and every individual.

Throughout my pregnancy I've become more and more passionate about this work, and it's a passion that I'm sure will continue to grow as I walk my own journey through motherhood. For now, I am so excited to begin this journey by offering Reiki at Motherhub, and play a small part in the empowerment journey of the individuals I will work with.  

Amy - Reiki Practitioner
Amy - Reiki Practitioner

As mentioned at the beginning, I run my own business, Copper Myst, making healing crystal jewellery. I'll be creating a unique collection of pieces for Motherhub, and running jewellery-making workshops, designed to aid all things related to fertility, pregnancy, birth, femininity, divine flow and creativity. 

The concept of our Motherhub community is so necessary - for women to connect, to be held, heard and supported, and I'm just so excited to be part of it! I really look forward to meeting you there, to sharing and connecting on our journeys! 


Much Love, Amy x

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