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Alex - Mindfulness & meditation
  • Qualified and accredited Mindfulness and Meditation Mentor


Hello! My name is Alex and I am a Mindfulness and Meditation Mentor. I am passionate about mindfulness, meditation and mental health. I was previously a Primary School teacher, specialising in SEND, but now I support children, families, schools and communities to promote mental health and wellbeing holistically through the magic of mindfulness.

I support adults as a 1:1 Mindfulness and Meditation coach. After overcoming my personal battles with anxiety, mindfulness transformed my outlook on life and I have since transformed adults and teenagers lives through their own mindfulness journeys, helping them to fall in love with life again.


I was inspired to create Mindful Mama's and support women on their Motherhood journey as I share my practice with friends and sisters who have discovered their inner value again after having their children.

Alex - Mindfulness & meditation
Alex - Mindfulness & meditation

as well as running the Mindful mama's course, I facilitate Mindfulness Classes and workshops for children aged 5+ in communities and schools as I am passionate about children’s mental health, especially after spending almost a year in a lockdown away from the majority of their family and friends. The classes include child-centred mindfulness activities, meditation and yoga along with many more creative activities.

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